Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Peregun, many people are confused by the true Peregun plant used in Lukumi. Below is a picture of a true Peregun plant growing in my back yard. Notice the new growth on the top middle portion of the plant that is the part we use in Omiero. The Peregun plant (Yucca in English or Bayonetta in Spanish) has 40+ pieces and or variations which contribute to the confusion.

Scientific Name: Yucca
English Name: Yucca plant, bayonet plant
Spanish: Bayonetta
Lukumi: Peregun

Care: Peregun is a desert plant, hence it is very drought tolerant. Regular watering will suffice.This plant does well in full sunlight but can survive in partial shade. Great houseplant, thrives outdoors.

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